Court Trashes Immunity Claim And Rules Trump Can Be Sued For Inciting 1/6 Violence

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An appeals court ruled that the civil suits against Donald Trump for inciting the attack on the Capitol can move forward.

Politico reported:

The three-judge panel concluded that Trump’s actions as a candidate for president would not automatically be protected by “presidential immunity,” turning aside Trump’s sweeping argument that nearly all speech and conduct by an incumbent president should be shielded from lawsuits, including several brought by members of Congress and injured police officers

Trump believes that presidents have unlimited immunity, but the appeals court made an important distinction. Presidential immunity only covers speech and actions by a president within their official capacity.

When Trump gave his speech on 1/6, it was billed as a campaign speech. The event was put together by his campaign. Trump was acting as a presidential candidate, not as the President Of The United States. Therefore, presidential immunity does apply to his incitement of violence on 1/6.

Those who are suing Trump include police officers and members of Congress like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA). The plaintiffs had better get in line, because there might not be much left in terms of money after the penalty phase of Trump civil fraud trial in New York wraps up.

Donald Trump’s concept of unlimited immunity has been trashed by the courts.

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