Declining Trump Thinks Barack Obama Is Still President

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Another troubling cognitive sign for Donald Trump is that the former president thinks the current president is Barack Obama.

Trump said during a recent interview, “It’s all coming through Iran, and Obama wants to, he doesn’t want to talk about it. He doesn’t want to mention, he doesn’t even mention them in his statements. It’s all coming through Iran.”

Brian Kilmeade had to correct Trump, “You mean President Biden.


Trump once again confuses who is currently President, forcing Kilmeade to correct him

— Biden-Harris HQ (@BidenHQ) October 12, 2023

Trump likes to claim that Biden is cognitively impaired, but it is Trump who said that Biden will start World War II.

Donald Trump has, on numerous occasions, recently claimed that Obama is still the president. During other interviews, he seems to try to cover up his cognitive issue by claiming that Obama is secretly running Biden.

Gen. Mark Milley recently talked about how sharp and prepared President Biden is in meetings with him. Notably, he did not say the same thing about Donald Trump.

Trump is only a few years younger than Biden, but his lifestyle is very different. Trump doesn’t exercise. The former president doesn’t watch his diet and has refused to release his medical records.

The American people have no idea what is going on with Trump because he refuses to release any objective medical evaluations of his health.

There appears to be something wrong with Trump, and if the nation is going to discuss Biden’s age, the same conversation must happen regarding the 78-year-old former president.

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