Digital Marketing Expert Hayden Colson Guarantees Results For Your Business Or You Don’t Pay

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Have you ever been burnt by a digital marketing agency that promised you the moon but never delivered real results? Hayden Colson, VP of Marketing for Growth Solutions Marketing, is determined to make performance-based marketing the new norm for all businesses working with a digital agency to scale their growth using social media.

Out of 87,712 digital marketing agencies in the United States, 99.9% of them don’t guarantee results. Without guaranteed performance, small businesses become extremely vulnerable to working with a digital marketing agency that can put the entire livelihood of their business at risk. Growth Solutions Marketing is part of 0.01% of digital marketing agencies that guarantee results or you don’t pay. With their performance guarantee, small businesses can feel safe and trust the money they invest into marketing will actually scale their growth risk-free.

A day after his birthday, Hayden founded Growth Solutions Marketing back in August of 2018 with the desire of bringing his dream of owning a business to life. At a young age, Hayden witnessed the emergence of social media and realized these platforms were going to play a crucial role in the growth of businesses. At the age of 12 years old, Hayden began learning how to code and used these newly developed skills to build websites for local businesses in the small town of upstate New York he grew up in. After dropping out of college his sophomore year, Hayden looked for bigger opportunities elsewhere. 

Determined to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit, he relocated to sunny Santa Monica and started freelancing website development. After working with dozens of Los Angeles based companies, Hayden noticed three recurring issues that most businesses faced. Either they had no knowledge of how to use social media, they didn’t have the time, or they just weren’t seeing the results they wanted with digital marketing agencies they were working with. 

Like any other entrepreneur, Hayden saw this as a problem that must be solved or else these businesses wouldn’t be able to survive in the digital age. That’s when he founded Growth Solutions Marketing, one of the first performance-based marketing agencies that guarantees its clients results or they don’t pay.

Since its inception, Growth Solutions Marketing has worked with hundreds of businesses in virtually every niche and business type from local brick and mortar to online ecommerce brands. As a result, Growth Solutions has generated thousands of leads and customers amounting in over $15.3 million dollars in revenue for its clients.

Growth Solutions Marketing offers a Social Accelerator package that is focused on building a brand’s visibility, credibility, and authority online using advanced social media strategies based on ever-lasting principles of influence. 

If you own a business and are interested in a risk-free way to drive continuous and predictable growth, book a free strategy call with the Growth Solutions Marketing team today.

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