DOJA CAT & German Band CHAVER Have Suspiciously Familiar Album Art

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Rapper Doja Cat has a new record called Scarlet coming out on September 22, which I’m sure maybe 20 of our readers care about. Then there’s German metal band Chaver, who has a new record called Of Gloom coming out on September 22. Both Scarlet and Of Gloom have covers designed by artist Dusty Ray and they’re almost the exact same things.

The similarities were pointed out by Pop Crave and it feels like either Ray or someone in either camp has some explaining to do. A side-by-side comparison is available above and… yeah, woof.

Doja Cat‘s spider has slightly longer feelers on its face and a droplet icon above it, while Chaver‘s has shorter feelers and a circle. A closer look at the white specks on each painting make it evident that they’re not the exact same copy-and-paste painting, but still.

All that being said, Chaver is getting their name out their because of all this. So that’s good, right? Check ’em out below. They’re pretty good!

The cover for Doja Cat’s upcoming album ‘Scarlet’ appears to use a slightly altered version of artwork used by metal band, CHAVER, who are also releasing their new album ‘OF GLOOM’ on 9/22.

Both covers were made by artist Dusty Ray, who reposted Doja’s announcement on Tuesday.— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) August 30, 2023

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