Don’t Expect A New SEPULTURA Record Anytime Soon

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Sepultura has been good for a new record every three or four years lately, but that streak is about to end. According to guitarist Andreas Kisser in an interview with the Everblack podcast, Sepultura is focusing more on live albums than they are on a new studio record at the moment.

“We are recording everything,” said Kisser. “We started in Europe for the whole month; we recorded everything. We went to Indonesia and Singapore and recorded there, and now in Australia as well. So we wanna put out 40 songs in 40 different cities around the world, covering everything that we did — of course the classics, but also the side Bs and Cs, and really do a very complete history and also to show where we can go.

“I mean, Sepultura played in 80 countries in 40 years and we have fans all around the world, and I think it’s about time we have a live album like that to celebrate together with them 40 years and in our best momentum. We feel great on stage. We are playing better than ever. We are enjoying ourselves, so I think it’s gonna be a very special live album with all the recordings that we are doing right now. It’s gonna be amazing.”

On the absence of a follow-up to their 2020 record Quadra, Kisser said there are no plans for new music at the moment: “No, not at all, man. No new album in a few years. We’re very focused on the live album, the celebrations 40 years. We’re gonna have a lot of stuff connected to that. We created a logo, so we wanna stretch, we wanna record the [live] album, celebrate and then see what happens. I don’t wanna force ourselves to write just to write. It has to feel [like we have] something new to express.

“And I feel, and we feel, in Sepultura that the Quadra album is still very powerful, very strong. A lot of people didn’t see the album live, like Australia, for instance, so we wanna really go as much as we can. And it’s such an amazing album to play live, so we wanna enjoy as much as we can the Quadra situation, and then we can move on.”

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