Eric Trump Cracks On The Stand And Gives Prosecutors A Key Admission

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It is Eric Trump’s day to testify at the Trump Organization fraud trial, and prosecutors broke through the former president’s son’s denial on a key issue.

Lisa Rubin of NBC News tweeted:

And finally, Amer gets the admission he wants: that at least by the time of his 2013 communications with McConney, Eric understood that his father had statements of financial condition with which his help was needed.

— Lisa Rubin (@lawofruby) November 2, 2023

Eric Trump stuck with the family defense which seems to be a combination of pretending to know nothing while blaming other people for the fraud. Prosecutors asked Eric Trump a series of questions about the Seven Springs New York property that the Trump’s own, and the financial statements that were issued for that property.

The former president’s son connected his father to the documents by admitting that they were financial statements and that it was his father who requested help with them.

The Trumps have already been found guilty of fraud in New York. The trial is about whether the Trump Organization gets the corporate death penalty, and how much the Trumps will be required to pay the state of New York for their fraud.

By connecting his father to the financial statements, Eric Trump has given prosecutors the link that they needed to show that it wasn’t other people in the organization committing fraud. Donald Trump personally had knowledge of the financial statements that were fraudulent.

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