Everyone On TikTok Is Customizing Charm Necklaces — Build Yours Now

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If your TikTok “For You” page is filled with trendy gals taking mini adventures with their best friends to make custom charm necklaces…same. Because charm necklaces are the new friendship bracelets. And if these videos have also made you crave making and wearing your own charm necklace…also same. Similar to how building your jewelry collection is so personal and satisfying, so is curating the perfect charms for a necklace — just a whole lot less time-consuming.

As long as you’re not tied to a charm necklace outing, we found the best custom necklaces, bracelets, chains, and individual charms online as well as a few pre-made options that look custom. Many even feature 2024 jewelry trends, such chunky silver chains, oceanic bracelets, and bow charms. So whether you want the full personalized jewelry experience, a semi-custom piece, or a pre-designed style, we’ve got you covered. Scroll on to build your perfect

time capsule

TikTok-viral charm necklace.


Customizable Charm Necklaces & Bracelets

If you want a charm necklace or bracelet that accurately reflects your name, zodiac sign, favorite color, or lucky number, you’ll want a personalized charm jewelry style. Etsy features many small businesses selling customized jewelry, which allows you to choose between several chain styles and lengths as well as charm designs. Want two charms? Want 10? It’s all up to you and the statement you want to make.

The other charm necklaces and charm bracelets here are dainty, with some featuring small beads that can be engraved or charms that lay directly on the chain. These customizable styles are unique and just as interactive as creating them in person, especially Fraiser Sterling’s mixtape necklace and Pura Vida’s Harper Charm Builder, which lets you design your entire piece.

Customizable Chain Necklaces & Bracelets

For a true start-to-finish jewelry piece, consider carting up a chain that has links suitable for adding your own charms to. Chain necklaces with chunky, large links are standard, but there are also daintier paperclip chains that are perfect for clipping charms onto. And if you’re looking for that clustered-charm look (instead of an evenly spaced-out style), consider a chain with a carabiner, toggle, or front-facing clasp to hang your charms from.

Pick chunky silver bracelets for an on-trend 2024 style or mix it up with a two-toned chain necklace from Uncommon James for an even more eclectic and personalized design.


Now that you’ve found a chain, it’s time to add on some charms. (Or in the case that you already have an existing charm necklace or bracelet, it’s time to add to your charm collection). The actual charms are no doubt the best part of a charm necklace because they’re where you can get the most playful and precise and really show off your personality. Is travel on your 2024 vision board? Jet Set Candy has a host of wanderlust-appropriate charms. Have you, too, hopped on the bow bandwagon? See the single huggie earring below that doubles as a charm. Is your favorite food pizza? There’s a charm for that, too.

While you can splurge on a specialty charm from Catbird or Mejuri, we love that you can find millions of styles that are more affordable and get the job done just as well. And we just know that once you find and collect your favorite charms, it’ll be so gratifying to build a timepiece you can add to and take away from. That way it can always represent your stage of life and reflect new trends.

Pre-Made Charm Necklaces & Bracelets

If you’d like a pre-made charm necklace because it’s an easier way to get started (or you’re just too indecisive!), there are plenty of options out there. From traditional chunky chains loaded with charms to delicate ones with just a few, there’s a variety of styles that still look customized and can feel personal.

Here, you can find thematic pre-made charm necklaces, whether they have good-luck charms, regal and celestial charms, colorful beaded charms, or thick locket charms. And right now, you can score Artizan Joyeria’s charm necklace at 15% off with code LOVEARTIZAN.

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