Former Technician Turned Entrepreneur Kevin Nejati Changes the Marketing Landscape with Dynamic Automation + Spin Dental

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Dynamic Automation, founded by the father of former technician turned entrepreneur Kevin Nejati, is revolutionizing the marketing landscape with its inventive approach to automation solutions for both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce businesses. Merging engineering expertise with marketing acumen, Nejati has transformed his father’s company into a groundbreaking marketing agency. Nejati’s inspiring journey highlights his tenacity, dedication to precision, and the extraordinary impact Dynamic Automation is having on businesses across various industries.

Born and raised in Chicago, Nejati comes from an immigrant family; his father, a mechanical engineer, and his mother, a nurse. As a child, he noticed his father’s stress and recognized an opportunity to help. All engineering jobs and factories moved to China and business was dwindling. Dynamic automation was not going to survive much longer shortly thereafter Nejati’s dad’s friend who happened to be a dentist, asked him if he can fix his broken sterilizer since he’s an engineer. And that was when Dynamic Automation made the shift into dental equipment repair and supply. Despite facing adversity, Nejati’s love for his father propelled him to acquire the necessary skills to assist in the family business. After rebranding the company’s website and logo, as well as initiating marketing campaigns on diverse social media channels, Nejati breathed new life into the company.

After spending 10 years in the field repairing dental equipment and talking to doctors, Nejati realized he can help dentists get more patients and booked appointments into their dental practices. And thus, SPIN DENTAL was spawned out of, Dynamic Automation with the focus on providing marketing services for dental practices throughout the US. Dynamic Automation still has it’s as its roots in engineering. The company boasts a remarkable patented Screw-Gear Technology, designed and manufactured in Chicago. This precision gearing system works with standard machine screws or long-length threaded rods and is suitable for both rotary and linear motion applications. The innovative Screw Gear has been employed in a wide range of industries, from medical equipment and artificial limbs to aligning lasers in F16 fighter jets. “According to design engineers and medical equipment manufacturers, this gear solved one of their toughest mechanical engineering problems in a minimally available space,” Nejati says.

Nejati’s journey has not been without obstacles. He entered the business world straight out of college during a period when most manufacturing had shifted to China and faced the impact of the housing market crash. He persevered through these challenging times, driven by his determination to ensure his father’s success. Eight years later, his business, engineering, and social media expertise have grown exponentially, enabling him to lead Spin Dental to new heights.

In a world where marketing is constantly evolving, Kevin Nejati’s Spin Dental stands out with its distinctive fusion of engineering and marketing expertise. By integrating precision technology into marketing solutions, Nejati is reshaping how businesses approach their campaigns and offering them the opportunity to benefit from the ingenuity and expertise of Nejati and his team. Through commitment, innovation, and a strong family bond, Spin Dental is making a difference in the industry, demonstrating that the right combination of passion and skill can drive real change. To learn more or schedule a consultation, visit Spin Dental.

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