FUGITIVE (POWER TRIP, CREEPING DEATH, Etc.) Proves They’re One Of The Best New Bands With Two Singles

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New Music

“Blast Furnace” and “Standoff” are streaming now.


Fugitive is the band featuring guitarists Blake Ibanez (Power Trip) and Victor Gutierrez (Impalers), vocalist Seth Gilmore (Skourge), bassist Andy Messer (ANS, Stymie), and drummer Lincoln Mullins (Creeping Death). Fugitive originally released their debut EP Maniac in August 2022, and now they’re back with two new singles “Blast Furnace” and “Standoff”. If you’ve been missing that steamrolling Power Trip sound, as we all have, then this is for you – these two songs will crush you.

Get both singles here. You can also catch Fugitive with a handful of other fantastic bands at two shows in Texas this August. Both shows are a part of Metallica‘s M72 Takeover Events, which is a pretty damn big deal!

8/18 Arlington, TX AT&T Stadium Plaza Stage (pre-show) (w/ Tribal Gaze)

8/19 Dallas, TX South Side Ballroom (w/ 200 Stab Wounds, SpiritWorld & Tribal Gaze)

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