Get Saltburn‘s Indie Sleaze Aesthetic With These 6 Perfectly Disheveled Looks

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Dark comedy and erotic thriller Saltburn has been a buzzy addition to the zeitgeist in recent months, but it’s not the film’s often-grotesque subject matter alone that’s been so polarizing — the film’s 2000s fashion is equal parts covetable and cringe. Set in 2006 and 2007 at Oxford University and a manor in the English countryside (aka Saltburn), the clothes strike a wacky balance between vintage British runway….and Livestrong bracelets, Juicy Couture tracksuits, unironically popped collars, Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, and lots of sequins.

The film truly transports us to a bygone era — thanks to its indie sleaze style, which blends high-end vintage pieces, affordable (and tacky) accessories, and/or an overall disheveled party-goer look. “In England, the richer and more old money people are, the more in disarray their clothes,” Saltburn writer and director Emerald Fennell explained to GQ.

While style insiders have threatened the return of indie sleaze fashion for years, the film has officially ushered in its return — in fact, the 2024 iteration of the trend is more wearable (and shoppable) than you might imagine. So start rummaging through the back of your closet for your favorite too-long, too-thin scarf, blast “Murder on the Dancefloor,” and scroll on to see our favorite Saltburn indie sleaze styles and learn how you can get the looks yourself.


Get The Look: Ultra-Wealthy Oxford Students

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios.

In an interview with Esquire, Saltburn costume designer Sophia Canale admitted to taking inspiration from university-aged Prince William and Prince Harry (i.e., Abercrombie & Fitch rugby shirts and Ralph Lauren polos) for Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi) and his Oxford friend group. And for the film’s female students, she looked to pop culture icons like Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Kate Moss, even pulling from Moss’s Topshop collab for the film.

With callouts to aughts styles, such as Felix’s Livestrong bracelets and Farleigh’s (Archie Madekwe) Britney Spears-inspired “Dump Him” T-shirt, the lived-in, carefree aesthetic brings unexpected sartorial pairings. You, too, can get this casual feel with oversized sweaters, Juicy Couture velour pants, and graphic T-shirts.

Get The Look: Venetia’s Summer House Loungewear

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios.

As the wild child of the prim and proper Catton family, Felix’s sister Venetia (Alison Oliver) wears clothes that perfectly reflect her rebellious and promiscuous persona. When lounging around Saltburn, she doesn’t wear shorts or sweatpants. No, instead she wears a metallic bikini top with sparkly star-print pants to first greet houseguest Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan).

While Venetia has no problem wearing thick black pants during the English summer, we can see why you may not be grabbing your favorite pink bikini top during this frigid winter. Instead, consider this sparkly bralette to layer under or over a sheer long-sleeve top.


Get The Look: Felix’s End Of Semester Celebration Attire

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios.

During the cooler months, Felix wears oversized sweatshirts, but as it gets hotter, he opts for more breathable, colorful, and even more casual tops (aka wrinkled linen button-downs). Whether he’s celebrating the end of his university term or lounging around Saltburn, he opts for blue, pink, or the now-iconic sheer-yellow linen top.

To get Felix’s refined yet lived-in look, wear a pastel oversized button-down shirt (with the collar popped if you so choose) and your favorite baggy jeans. And to really get the 2000s fashion look, add


several woven friendship bracelets to both wrists.

Get The Look: Venetia’s Elevated Tenniswear

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios.

Apparently, when you’re as rich as the Catton clan, you can play tennis in your fanciest, most absurd clothes. Venetia dons a pink and purple tinsel jacket and purple sequin jumpsuit, which she styles with costume heart-shaped sunglasses and Miu Miu polka-dot platform heels. But while you may not opt for these styles to play tennis, we propose wearing vibrant, sparkly pieces for your next fancy dress party (or ’00s-themed night).

And, yes, you can actually purchase the exact Nasty Gal jacket Venetia wears…but hurry because several sizes are quickly selling out! And if this statement piece doesn’t jive with your 2000s fashion aesthetic, stick to accessorizing with sunglasses (she wears several fun pairs throughout the movie), heels, and stacked bracelets.


Get The Look: Felix’s Midsummer Nights Dream Party Costume

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios.

During the stunningly weird Midsummer Night’s Dream party sequence, we see the couldn’t-care-less mentality that Felix has through his “costume.” He dresses up (or down) in a lived-in white tank top, low-rise baggy jeans, and off-theme gold angel wings.

Perhaps, you don’t have an upcoming event that calls for wings, but you can take inspiration from this look with a pair of extravagant wing-like earrings. And you can keep with the indie sleaze theme by pairing them with your most comfortable basics: a tank top and jeans.

Get The Look: Venetia’s Spider Web Chain Dress

Photo: Courtesy of MGM Amazon Studios.

At the same fashion spectacle of a party, Venetia wears an intricate crystal dress overlay, which Canale told Cosmopolitan was fun to make “a little bit cheap-looking” with the skintight black underdress.

However, we think this ensemble can actually look classy (or at least on-trend) today. Simply pair your favorite little black dress with some sort of rhinestone overlay or body-chain skirt, and voila! Now, you’ve got yourself the ultimate indie sleaze aesthetic.

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