Hakeem Jeffries Shuts Down GOP Election Deniers On The House Floor

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House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) spoke about democracy after the Speaker election and called out Republican election deniers.

Jeffries said, “Let me conclude — let me conclude with an observation about the state of our democracy. Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. He’s doing a great job under difficult circumstances. And no amount of election denialism will ever change that reality. Not now. Not ever.”


Rep. Jeffries spent his speech making the point that Democrats are governing for the American people. Jeffries also made it clear that there is no place in the House for election deniers, and Democrats are also the party of personal liberty.

Leader Jeffries drew a strong contrast between what Democrats are offering America and the extremism, chaos, and dysfunction of the Republican Party. After Jeffries finished, Speaker Johnson spoke, and the difference was striking. Jeffries clearly looks and sounds ready to lead the House of Representatives. Johnson is just another mid-level House MAGA.

The odds are that the Speaker Johnson experiment will not end well. It is only a matter of time before Republicans turn on Johnson just like they have for the last 30 years to every other Republican Speaker of the House.

Mike Johnson was what the Republicans needed to get the House opened again, but he was outclassed and outshined by Hakeem Jeffries.

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