HALESTORM Is “Writing With Purpose” For Next Album

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Halestorm is buckling down and getting serious about the follow-up to the band’s last album, Back From the Dead. Talking to “Hobo on the Radio,” (via Blabbermouth) frontwoman Lzzy Hale explained that the band is looking toward the next chapter of their career.

“We’re always working on new music, but we’ve actually kind of started to buckle down and really kind of write with a purpose as to whatever we wanna kind of put out in the world next,” Hale said. “It’s kind of an exciting time because I feel like even since the last record, even beyond Back From The Dead, I feel like we’re kind of shedding our skin in a way that’s kind of beautiful where we all kind of feel like different people than who we were when we were writing the last record. So it’s time for whatever that next chapter is. So it’s very exciting.

“I’ve been writing in a lot of subjects that I haven’t necessarily touched on before and been kind of exploring those things. And I’ve become even more of a serial eavesdropper. I will be sitting at a pub or something and I will kind of zone out, and it’s amazing the conversations you hear other people talking about. And so sometimes those leech their way into the songs. But, yeah, we’ll probably have something by next year.”

We’ll keep you posted when Halestorm enter the studio to begin tracking its next LP.

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