House Republicans Are Setting Themselves Up For Biden Impeachment Humiliation

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The pro-impeachment House Republicans want to move on impeaching Biden as soon as January, but they still don’t have the votes and may end up humiliated.

Politico reported:

But a familiar obstacle for Republicans stands in their way here, too: their thin majority. Though Republicans can draft and file articles without a locked-in whip count, impeachment backers will need near unanimity to actually recommend booting Biden from office, since it’s virtually assured no Democrat would vote to impeach Biden.

Ending an impeachment inquiry without a vote — or a failed one — would be an embarrassing political setback both for hardliners and Speaker Mike Johnson, who conservatives view as their ally on the issue. But centrists remain unconvinced that impeachment is necessary, and what’s more, that group has grown increasingly willing to buck leadership after the three-week speaker fight and with 2024 drawing closer.

In the same article, an anonymous House Republican said that impeachment hurts Republicans politically but makes their base happy.

Making the base happy is really what impeachment is all about.

A group of House Republicans don’t care if they lose the House in 2024 as long as the Fox News and Newsmax viewers are happy.

House Republicans have no priorities and no agenda. They have zero interest in governing. The tiny House majority is almost halfway to its term and has done nothing but spin its wheels and feed the base feel-good political candy.

Holding an impeachment investigation and failing to impeach President Biden would be humiliating. It would also be precisely what House Republicans deserve.

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