House Republicans Just Got The IRS Sued With Their Hunter Biden Investigation

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Hunter Biden is suing the IRS because their agents who claimed to be ‘whistleblowers’ violated the Privacy Act by disclosing his tax information to House Republicans.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

In a 27-page lawsuit, Hunter Biden’s lawyers centered on a pair of IRS agents, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who have said Justice Department officials slow-walked and stymied the investigation into the president’s son. The younger Biden’s lawyers argued that, in airing concerns about the handling of the criminal inquiry, the two agents disclosed information that federal law deems should be kept secret.


“This lawsuit is not about the proper workings of the whistleblower statute and process, nor an official using those procedures properly to make disclosures to authorized government officials,” wrote Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell. “Rather, the lawsuit is about the decision by IRS employees, their representatives, and others to disregard their obligations and repeatedly and intentionally publicly disclose and disseminate Mr. Biden’s protected tax return information outside the exceptions for making disclosures in the law.”

House Republicans and their witnesses didn’t follow the law. A person is protected under the Whistleblower Act if they testify to Congress, but the leaking of private or classified information is not protected.

House Democrats revealed in a report that the Republican’ whistleblowers’ are fake, as they have never filed any complaint about wrongdoing to any part of the government.

One of the GOP’s whistleblowers has been referred to the DOJ for prosecution because he lied to Congress. 

House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) confirmed that his ‘whistleblowers’ are on the payroll of allies of Donald Trump. 

So far, House Republicans have come up with no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden, had one of their witnesses referred for prosecution for lying, and have now gotten the IRS, which will cost taxpayers more money.

The entire investigation of Hunter Biden is an abuse of power fiasco that needs to end immediately.

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