If Dianne Feinstein Quits, Mitch McConnell Can Block All Of Biden’s Judicial Nominees

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Former Sen, Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is warning those who want Dianne Feinstein to resign that if Feinstein quits, Mitch McConnell will have the power to kill all of Biden’s judicial nominees.

The Los Angeles Times reported Boxer’s message to the left:

“I think the far left of my party, who’s agitating for this, ought to smell the roses,” Boxer said.

She sees no guarantee that Republicans would allow another Democrat to replace the 89-year-old Feinstein on the Senate Judiciary Committee. In fact, Boxer is convinced they would not.

“They’ve already showed their hand,” she said, by refusing to let a temporary replacement fill in while Feinstein recuperates from shingles and its severe side effects. “I think it speaks volumes to their lack of humanity.”

Senate Republicans already blocked Democratic attempts to name a temporary replacement for Feinstein on the Judiciary Committee. While Sen. Feinstein was recovering from shingles, the committee was deadlocked and all Biden judicial nominees were temporarily blocked.

If Feinstein were to resign, it would take 60 votes to replace her on the Judiciary Committee. The odds of Mitch McConnell passing up a chance to block all of Biden’s judges for the next year and a half are zero.

Boxer also brought up an important point.

By blocking her replacement on the Judiciary Committee Mitch McConnell put Feinstein in this position. Sen. Feinstein could still be at home recovering, or Republicans would agree to allow a replacement, she could retire for health reasons.

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are showing a lack of compassion toward one of their colleagues, so the person to blame for Sen. Feinstein still bein in the Senate is the Minority Leader from Kentucky.

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