Jack Smith Opens The Door To Trump’s Co-Conspirators Testifying Against Him

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There is a reason why only Trump was indicted on Tuesday. Special Counsel Jack Smith has opened the door for any or all of Trump’s six co-conspirators to testify against him.

Axios points out:

 None of the six has been indicted by special counsel Jack Smith, but they are all on notice that they face potential criminal liability.

By not identifying or charging them, Smith left open the possibility that they could decide to testify against Trump in exchange for lenient treatment for any legal jeopardy they could face. Trump has long expressed his disdain for “flippers”; now he has reason to fear them.

There could be another reason for Smith only indicting Trump: Speed. Separate indictments would complicate and likely slow down Trump’s trial.

Since four of the six unindicted co-conspirators are lawyers, they understand this. Some people were frustrated that the six unindicted co-conspirators were not named, but it was easy to figure out who most of them were. It was the usual cast of Trump lawyers characters from the January 6th Committee investigation. Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, John Eastman, Michael Chesebo, and Jeffrey Clark.

Some or all of these co-conspirators could flip and testify against Trump. Those who don’t flip are going to be criminally charged.

Special Counsel Jack Smith isn’t playing games. Smith spoke about the heroes of the 1/6 attack during his remarks after the indictment was announced. The Special Counsel is seeking to hold Trump accountable for leading the conspiracy, and he is giving Trump’s attorney minions the opportunity to do the right thing or face prosecution.

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