James Comer And Jim Jordan Humiliate Themselves With New Biden Investigation

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Reps. James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) have launched a new investigation of President Biden because Hunter Biden embarrassed them.

Comer tweeted above a new House Judiciary Committee letter:


We are compelled to examine as part of our impeachment inquiry whether President Joe Biden engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct a proceeding of Congress.

Such conduct could constitute an impeachable offense.👇 https://t.co/tWyZUv0dG5

— Rep. James Comer (@RepJamesComer) December 27, 2023

It has already been widely reported that the press statement and demand for a public hearing while appearing at the Capitol were done without the prior knowledge of President Biden. Comer and Jordan attempted to claim that President Biden conspired with his son to obstruct an official proceeding. Not coincidentally, Donald Trump was charged with the same offense by Special Counsel Jack Smith. Smith also charged Trump with conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding.

As usual with Comer and Jordan, that can’t say that Biden did anything wrong. They fill their comments with lots of ifs and coulds. If Biden conspired, it could be an impeachable offense.

All of the currently publicly known information is that President Biden did not conspire and did not obstruct an official proceeding. Hunter Biden also did not obstruct an official proceeding. Hunter Biden showed up to testify, but Comer would not let him testify in public.

James Comer and Jim Jordan have made it obvious that they are trying to impeach President Biden for his son’s actions.

The sham Biden impeachment is embarrassing for Comer, Jordan, the Republican Party, and the nation, and it must stop.

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