JASON HOOK On His Exit From FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH: “Over Time, Relationships And Policies Change”

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In recent interview on The Mistress Carrie Podcast, former Five Finger Death Punch axeman, Jason Hook, opened up about his surprising departure from the renowned heavy metal outfit nearly four years ago.

Hook, who had been a vital part of the band’s lineup, made it clear that there’s no lingering bitterness, and the split was more about the natural evolution of relationships and changing dynamics within the group. He remarked (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “There’s no animosity there. There’s nothing there. It’s like everything. Over time, relationships and policies change. With extreme success, popularity, finances, it affects egos and personalities and roles and all that stuff.”

The guitarist also drew a captivating comparison, highlighting the complexities of being in a rock band versus a marriage. “Because with a marriage, if there’s a problem, you only have to work it out between the other party,” he explained. “In a band, you could be solid with this guy, but it’s still a mess with [one of the other guys]. It’s okay with him. It’s a mess with this guy. Of course, it’s way harder. It’s like having four wives.”

Hook also delved into the creation of his new musical endeavor, Flat Black, an outfit featuring singer Wes Horton, bassist Nick Diltz, and drummer Rob Pierce. It’s not just any band; it’s a four-piece band, a choice Hook made intentionally.

“My favorite bands were always four-piece bands. I loved Pantera. I loved Van Halen, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Beatles,” he said with a fervent enthusiasm. “I don’t desire to hear another guitar player. I’m gonna take up that entire space. I’m taking the whole fucking space. It’s not a mean thing. It’s not an angry thing. It’s just I desire to create parts that will occupy that middle space of the music. So we got the foundation, the bass, the drums, all the harmonies and the vocals and all that stuff, but I designed what I’m going to do to occupy that entire space. So I was very adamant about making it for a four-piece band.”

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