Karine Jean-Pierre Shuts Down The Media’s Hunter Biden Hysteria

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre wasn’t playing along with the press’s attempt to draw the President into their Hunter Biden plea deal hysteria.

The White House Press Secretary was asked, Have the president and his attorneys been in touch with Hunter’s legal team today and keeping tabs on the proceedings?”

Karine Jean-Pierre answered, “Look, I don’t have anything to share. I would refer you to, on this particular issue, I would refer you to Hunter’s representative. Prefer you to the Department of Justice. I don’t have anything to share beyond what I shared at the top of this briefing.”

The White House was then asked for a presidential reaction to today’s developments, “It’s extremely rare in a high-profile case for the plea deal to fall apart like this. Does the president believe the federal prosecutors have acted appropriately and confidently?”

Pierre answered, “As you know, Jeremy, this was an independent investigation overseen by the Department of Justice. As we have been very clear, they are independent, we give them the space to do their work. We believe in the rule of law. I just don’t have anything else to share on this. I would refer you to the Department of Justice. Again, this was done independently and I would also refer you to Hunter’s representatives.”


The media has gotten hysterical over the collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea deal. Even though legal experts suggest that the deal will be patched up and have language added to it that will satisfy the judge, it hasn’t stopped cable news from attaching itself to the story and beating it into the ground.

The White House was never going to offer a position because they allow the Justice Department to operate independently as it should. Donald Trump was the exception, not the norm when it comes to a wall of separation between the presidency and the Justice Department.

President Biden isn’t going to get roped into the games that Republicans are so desperate to play, and once Hunter Biden’s plea deal goes through, this will be a non-story once again.

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