I don’t care how rough-and-tumble your roof is – it will need to see repairs and sometimes replacements during the lifespan of your home. The good news is that these fixes are oftentimes covered by your insurance – and give you the opportunity to cross paths with guys like Drew Davis.

Davis is the founder and owner of Davis Roofing Solutions, a contracting company that operates out of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. If you are looking for roofing installation, repair, or replacement in North Texas, this is the person you want to be working with.

North Texas is known for some hairy weather between late-winter and early spring. Hail, tornadoes, and the like are commonplace. Davis has seen the value of diligence first-hand: tracking the condition of your roof during seasons of inclement weather will save you stress, effort, and money all year around.

“Most people don’t really understand what hail damage actually does to a roof,” Davis says. 

The roofer explains how hail puts hundreds of tiny pinholes in your roof – which later allow water to seep under the shingles, causing your decking to rot out and even interior damage as well. 

The big problem is that most people don’t see these problems right away, not until more-visible nightmares such as mold begin to form.

“People tend to think that if they don’t see it, it’s not a problem,” Davis says, “but the pinholes caused by hail are a big deal.”

This is a costly error that too many homeowners make. The longer one takes to address the initial problem, the more space their insurance company has to wiggle out of their commitment. A lot of times, insurance won’t pay for the water damage that occurs when you ignore hail damage to your roof for too long. 

So what do you need to do in order to keep your roof – and the rest of your home – in watertight shape through spring and beyond? 

Get in the habit of having your roof inspected after major storms. If you live in the DFW, you’re especially in luck, because you get to call Davis’ team.

“We go a little over the top,” the roofer says. “If there’s no major damage, just a few shingles missing or something like that, we’ll repair those areas for free for our homeowners.”

But if there is significant damage that warrants a crew coming out – you’re still in luck. In most cases, insurance is responsible for storm damage. But, if you’ve ever needed to make a claim, you know how stubborn and miserly these carriers can be. That’s why Davis is always sure to send a contractor to be on site when his customers meet with an adjuster. This representative from Davis Roofing Solutions knows what to look for – and ensures even the smallest details are covered.

Davis Roofing Solutions“It’s good to have somebody like us in your corner,” Davis says, “to make sure that the job gets done right.”

So damage has been acknowledged and the insurance claim is made – what can you expect from the repair or replacement job?

If you’re working with a roofer as efficient as Davis, you can rest assured that the bulk of the work should only take a day. The bigger the roof, the bigger the crew he sends, so that all projects don’t linger any longer than they should.

It’s a smooth process – made even easier when homeowners are diligent about getting their roof inspected. The longer you wait after a major storm hits, the more time water has to get past your home’s first line of defense and into your decking and drywall causing even bigger problems. 

It’s storm season in North Texas – better to make an easy phone call now than to deal with a surprise left by pinholes in the roof. Davis Roofing Solutions is made up of a team of professionals seeking lifelong customers, not just a quick paycheck, as they continue to grow into America’s most trusted roofing contractors. They are certified Emerald Pro Contractors through Malarkey Roofing products, and with over 100 5 star reviews on Google, they are lauded by their customers for their incredible quality of work and attention to detail. 

Homeowners in the DFW sleep like babies knowing that they’re being diligent about caring for their roofs – because they continue to call Davis Roofing Solutions for inspections following major storms. 

Throughout the process, from initial inspection, to assisting your filing of an insurance claim, to the team climbing up to make your roof whole again, Drew Davis is sure to take advantage of another opportunity to create a memorable and positive experience for homeowners.

“We’re blowing our competition out of the water,” he says, “just because of how much value we bring to the table.

When storms hit North Texas, call Drew Davis at 817-857-ROOF. For roofing repair, replacement, and installation in the DWF, visit the Davis Roofing Solutions website.


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