KORN, ALICE IN CHAINS & METALLICA Classics Using The Super Mario 64 Soundbank Actually Rule

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The year is 1998. Korn has just released Follow The Leader, which you’re listening to in your room as you scrounge around for the Super Mario 64 cartridge. You load the game up and the iconic Koji Kondo music starts to play… but what if instead, Follow The Leader was in the game and used all the soundtrack sounds of Super Mario 64?

YouTuber Ultra Enzo has done exactly that and frankly, it rules. “It’s On” makes for some pretty killer boss fight music, while “Got The Life” wouldn’t be out of place in a more intense, fiery stage. Then there’s “My Gift To You,” which really should’ve been either the song playing when you fought Bowser for the final time or when you’re headed toward the now-broken endless staircase.

Though maybe you want to keep your gaming a little more grungy. In which case, YouTuber Mayanferno has you covered with the entirety of Alice In ChainsDirt album done in the very same style. And for all you into thrash, YouTuber Capt. Shiner has your back with Metallica‘s 1986 thrash-terpiece Master Of Puppets.

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