KORN Makes Follow The Leader Makeup Now

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Korn has really been making the most of their Follow The Leader album lately, huh? Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis recently launched his Freak On A Leash pet brand, and now Korn is celebrating the album’s 25th anniversary with a brand new makeup pallette. I’d make a “Pretty” joke somewhere in here, but that is absolutely not what that song is about.

“We’ve teamed up with Hip Dot to create an exclusive Follow The Leader CD makeup palette ahead of the 25th anniversary this summer,” said Korn of the palette. “This palette consists of 8 amazing ‘tracks’ of various, pigmented textures. Get yours now. More details at the link in bio/stories. Our collection is vegan, free of harmful ingredients, certified cruelty-free, and curated to embrace all skin tones.”

Get it here for $22.

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