LEPROUS’ EINAR SOLBERG Covered The Congregation As An Acoustic Album

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Einar Solberg, frontman of Norwegian prog-rockers Leprous, has announced the release of a unique and intimate rendition of Leprous‘s revered album,The Congregation. Straying from the electric intensity of the original, Solberg live-streamed a stripped-down version of the entire record in 2022, featuring just piano and voice. Such unfiltered and unedited performance is set to be officially released as The Congregation Acoustic on February 16, 2024.

Commenting about the release, Solberg said: “I’m both super excited but also kind of terrified for me to release this live version of The Congregation. It’s raw and unedited and exactly how I did it on my livestream. Usually, all musicians these days (myself included) are used to fixing stuff in post-production, but on this one, we’ve done nothing! I think it’s cool sometimes to dare to show a more fragile and less “perfect” side of yourself. The Congregation is probably the least suitable album we’ve ever done to make an acoustic version of, but I think it turned out surprisingly OK!”

Pre-orders for The Congregation Acoustic are underway at this location, and you can check out Einar performing “The Flood” below.

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