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With the current technology evolution, it is estimated that 81% of customers conduct online research before making a purchase decision. This means that it’s vital to develop a healthy online presence that engages customers and provides a solution to their concerns. The digital revolution has seen an increase in digital marketing companies seeking to help as many businesses as possible to effectively succeed online.

LilyPad Digital Services LLC is a digital marketing agency founded by Marilyn Washington that enhances brands’ online presence. Marilyn was the eighth and lastborn in a poor family whose faith in God, love and unity conquered every challenge.

Marilyn’s father worked hard to provide for his family. Her dad worked in the Logging and Milling business.This was hard labor. At times, it required him to be away for weeks. While at other times he returned home daily. Her mom never worked outside of the home. She made “homemaking” her full time quest, leaving no ends unturned especially while he was away.

It was during these difficult times and struggles that she learned to appreciate community, good friends, and relationships. “Throughout the years, I have learned the value of an earned dollar. Therefore, giving back and lending a helping hand to others are common practices,” Marilyn says.

Marilyn has always had a strong passion for entrepreneurship. She had great faith and worked hard to make this dream come true. Her determination and effort paid off when she finally launched LilyPad Digital Marketing Services, a sought-after agency for all your digital marketing needs. LilyPad Digital Services LLC offers various services, including brand design and strategy, social media management, social growth, SEO, website development, paid media, creative, lead gen, and automation.

Marilyn has been in the digital marketing space for several years. She does not shy away from sharing the advantages of partnering with an agency. According to Marilyn, digital marketing services can raise demand for your business overnight due to their increased reach, precise targeting, agility, and measurability. These services are why some companies always sell out of inventory or have a line of customers stretching around the block.

Marilyn perceives that contracting the best digital marketing service can help get customers to your doors or increase website traffic. Through their unmatched services, they have helped hundreds of businesses reach their target audience by boosting their SEO, social media presence, and lead gen.

Additionally, the agency creates and strategizes a good advertising and marketing plan for all your products, business, or brand. The team works within your business goals and keeps within the budget to grow advertising campaigns that attract the attention of potential clients and lure them into buying your products.

As a full-service advertising agency, they also do graphic design and web production for the organization. They routinely network with other firms to help achieve this because a poorly printed or planned campaign may reflect badly on the business. LilyPad Digital Services LLC also trails the evolution of the campaign and analyzes if there is any  outcome for the company. They develop new strategies and approaches to improve marketing if the business is not doing well.

Marilyn looks forward to collaborating with you on your marketing journey to boost your returns. At LilyPad Digital Services LLC, your business is valuable. Let’s get started!

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