Listen Closely To The Breakdown In KORN’s 1997 Track “A.D.I.D.A.S.”

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When was the last time you really listened to the breakdown of Korn‘s 1997 track “A.D.I.D.A.S.”? Like, really tuned your ears in to the recording and listened to everything going on. In an interview with the actual brand Adidas, Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis revealed something you might’ve never noticed before.

If you listen closely, Davis said you can actually hear his son Nathan coo-ing in the background during the breakdown. Davis revealed he recorded vocals for the song with Nathan close to him, and that Nathan decided to get in on the action.

“It was just a dumb song,” said Davis. “It’s just like, it was nothing. I think I started with the riff, we were doing it… it was the second record and we wrote the song and I remember the acronym for it was ‘All Day I Dream About Sex.’ It could be a million different things. They would say ‘sports,’ there’s all different ones. It’s very immature and juvenile. It representative of where we were at at that point in time. You’re 24 years old. That’s all you really think about, especially being in a rock band. That’s just the whole dream and everything. But it’s like, at that time that song was everything to me.

“What’s fucked up about it, when I performed it, if you listen, my firstborn son Nathan was between my legs when I sang that song. Actually in the breakdown you can hear him coo-ing in the background. He was in the room.”

Korn recently collaborated with Adidas on a full line of clothing, but it sold out pretty much instantly. Which is a little funny considering Adidas turned down Korn a bunch of times over the years. Davis told Kerrang! in 2021 that he was pretty pissed at the time that Adidas turned the band down – doubly so in recent years that other artists got deals with the company, but not Korn.

“Get this shit,” said Davis. “Their reply was, ‘adidas is a sports company. We do sports, not music.’ I would look out into the crowd and see all these kids wearing adidas shit at our shows, but they couldn’t do anything for us. Then you’ve got Kanye West and all these other people with their own [custom] shoes [in the years since]. What the flying fuck?!”

“We switched to Puma because they told us they’d put us in a commercial and give us a little money to wear their shit. We were just like, ‘Fuck yeah! That’s more than adidas ever did for us!’ It wasn’t a sell-out thing. It was about respect.”

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