Mike Johnson Warned That He Could Be Kicked To The Curb If He Keeps Caving To Democrats

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A House Freedom Caucus member is warning Speaker Mike Johnson that he could be next to go if he continues to cave to Democrats.

The Messenger reported:

House Freedom Caucus member Eli Crane has joined a growing number of GOP hardliners putting House Speaker Mike Johnson on notice that his job could be on the line if he doesn’t do more to secure conservative priorities.

“It’s extremely frustrating to watch” Johnson and GOP leaders fail to use leverage points like government funding to secure the border and curb spending, the Arizona Republican said Wednesday, predicting the speaker and House Republicans “will get rolled, just like we always do” as negotiations on both issues continue with the White House and the Senate.

“If things continue to go the way that they’re going, do I think that’s possible outcome? Absolutely,” Crane said when asked about a potential effort to oust Johnson.

Would House Republicans boot their own speaker in an election year when they have already massively failed in the majority?

It certainly seems that way.

Last Sunday on Fox News, Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was threatening Johnson with a motion to vacate if he made a deal with Democrats on immigration:

Marjorie Taylor Greene goes full racist white replacement theory, “Democrats are going to bring in millions and millions of illegals and turn them into Democrat voters; that’s their plan to replace Americans with millions and millions of illegal aliens.” pic.twitter.com/Sv7bnkkhpN

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 14, 2024

House Republicans are growing increasingly angry with Johnson because he refuses to allow them to burn everything to the ground. Johnson isn’t stopping them because he believes in America. He is stopping them because he knows that if he doesn’t the House Republican majority will be history.

The perfect way for the current House Republican majority to end would be for them to fire Johnson then shut down the House through their own dysfunction for the rest of the year.

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