MSNBC Cancels The Medhi Hasan Show

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MSNBC has canceled host Medhi Hasan’s streaming and cable network shows and will instead move him to an on-air analyst and guest host role.

Semafor reported:

MSNBC is canceling outspoken opinion host Mehdi Hasan’s weekend program and show on the streaming service Peacock.

Two people familiar with the move, which MSNBC privately announced to staff Thursday morning, told Semafor that Hasan will become an on-camera analyst and fill-in host. The network plans to expand host Ayman Mohyeldin’s weekend program to two hours to replace Hasan’s show

While it is great that Hasan will still have a role on MSNBC, and the fact that he wasn’t let go from the network would suggest that they had no problem with his outspokenness or content, this news is still a loss for viewers who prefer the news be discussed with facts and an edge.

Hasan was different on MSNBC because he has strong opinions and didn’t sugarcoat them. He is also one of the network’s most insightful interviewers and the rare cable news host who is not afraid to challenge his guests.

Medhi Hasan was the opposite of an access journalist.

Sunday night is a dead zone for cable news ratings. Between Sunday Night Football, network and cable offerings, and people getting ready for the week ahead, cable news viewership isn’t very large on Sunday nights.

Hasan’s show will be missed, but it is good for viewers that his voice will still be on the network.

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