RFK Jr. Backfires On GOP And Takes Support Away From Trump

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Conservative media, including Fox News and Newsmax, spent months building up RFK Jr., but instead of taking support away from President Biden, his candidacy hurts Trump.

According to a new Suffolk University Poll as reported by USA Today:

It’s a tie: One year before the presidential election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump each command 37% of the vote in a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll − with independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. costing Trump what would have been a narrow lead.

Kennedy, scion of the nation’s most revered Democratic family, won 13% of the vote in a hypothetical match-up, drawing voters who by 2-1 said they would otherwise support the probable Republican nominee.

Polling right now is meaningless, but the idea that RFK Jr. takes support away from Trump has become a trend in several polls. Republicans have started to realize that they have an RFK Jr. problem, so he has been cut off from his conservative media pipeline and Trump began to criticize him.

The polls are hopelessly broken right now. RFK Jr. will not get 13% of the popular vote in a general election, but the idea that the candidate conservatives created to mess with Biden is harming Trump is very delicious.

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