Seth Meyers Reminds Republicans They Are Stuck With Trump And Totally Screwed

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Seth Meyers reminded Republicans that Donald Trump is never going to change, and never going to drop out of the presidential race, so the GOP is screwed.


Meyers said, “Who are these people still clinging to the fantasy that Trump will bow out graciously? He can’t even bow normally. Bow out graciously? When he lost in 2020, he sent an army of Oath Keepers and werewolves to kill his own vice president…Seriously if you think Donald Trump is going to change his personality now at the age of 76 after eight years in politics and an attempted coup to stay in power, you’re crazier than those Qanon people who think JFK Jr. is going to come back from the dead. If your personality changes at 76, you don’t get credit. You get put in a home.”

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The Republican Party wants to get rid of Trump, just like they wanted to get rid of Trump in 2016, and they wanted him to stay out of elections in 2018 and 2022. The issue is that the party lacks a plan to stop Trump and the courage to stand up to the failed former president.

Trump is never going to change, and why should he? There are currently no consequences for him from the Republican Party.

Republicans have figured out that Trump is a loser, but they are too scared to get rid of him which suggests that history is going to repeat itself in 2024.

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