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Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo is currently facing a DUI charge. Dean was also accused of being violent with his wife Jenn DeLeo, though the Ventura County District Attorney has informed TMZ that they have rejected all charges of domestic violence.

According to the same report, Dean was busted for DUI sometime in October. Dean allegedly left the house drunk, at which point Jenn called the police informing them that her husband was driving drunk. As Dean was being booked, Jenn called police a second time to allege that there had been an altercation at home prior to Dean leaving the house. Dean was initially booked on felony domestic violence charges, though as mentioned, those have been dropped.

After the allegation of domestic violence, Jenn was granted an emergency protection order from Dean. According to police, Dean violated the order just under two weeks later, and turned himself into police over the matter. Dean has since been released.

Jenn has since filed for a divorce from Dean. Jenn also filed for divorce in 2018 over Dean‘s alleged drunken and abusive behavior, though the two stayed together. Dean has since issued a statement, saying “I look forward to having my voice heard at the appropriate time and place to address these allegations.”

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