The Power Of Positivity | How CEO Erik Mendoza Is Setting The Scene For The Solar World

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Expert Erik Mendoza is a ray of hope when it comes to transforming, educating, and implementing the sun’s power into our lives. Ensuring communities are given trustworthy and reliable services, his positive mindset and “develop the human” approach as a Chief Executive Officer puts the business – Solar Panel Guide on the map. 

“I cannot wait until the future when the world around us is completely different,” says the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Solar Panel Guide, Erik Mendoza. “It all starts with your mindset. I know I am operating on a different level than most people – but the world will eventually rearrange itself around you, but when you operate on a different level, the world will eventually rearrange itself in accordance to your vision and you will manifest everything.”

We all leave footprints for future leaders as we journey through life, but the steps worth following could lead us to a life worth living. And one thing for sure is that solar power could be the light at the end of our troubling tunneling power bills. 

Around the world, countries alike are scrambling to join in on the third largest renewable energy resource {after wind and hydropower}. America continues to lead the top solar countries; from a fringe and costly technology to a practical, mainstream resource, solar power is undeniably the way forward. 

A current force for change and a leading solar consultancy striving towards making a better future is Solar Panel Guide. Led by a role model, father, mentor, and dedicated steward Erik Mendoza, the company promises to provide customers with the latest solar technology and the most efficient solar products.

With operations in California, his small, tight-knit team of experts hopes to make serious waves in many communities. “The benefit of consulting with our brokerage is we do not work for the solar companies; we work for you,” explains the team. “Our goal is to find you the best fit for your transition to solar.”

Upon meeting the bubbly sales boss, one thing that radiated from his aura was his powerful positive mindset – one that few ‘cutthroat’ organizations share. You see, in industries like this, too many companies believe that a “pressure-cooker culture” gets results. Leaders, bosses, and CEOs alike think the harder they crack that whip, the better people will perform.

But this is far from the truth. Instead, it produces less productive and motivated teams, which decreases employee retention, outcomes, and personal goals. So, to combat this narrative, self-taught mastermind Mendoza took seven fundamental principles and taught them to all who joined Solar Panel Guide.


The simple abbreviation, which breaks down into loyalty, excellence, acts of gratitude, discipline, experience, respect, and selflessness, is just the start. From assigned books for the month to course-driven online universities, sales training, and D2D, Erik Mendoza’s take on “developing the human” is awe-inspiring.

“For my team to acquire massive levels of success, they need to have the foundation to support it. Otherwise, they will crumble like a house of cards,” shares Mendoza. “Everything starts from developing the human because everything else will follow once you do. So instead of employees, you’ll have an organization full of leaders – and that’s how we soar and fly.”

While they may have a small team, their strong sales tribe outperforms, outsells, and outlasts anyone. This positive mindset and passionate purpose travel through consultations and calls as each individual is equipt to educate clients on the astounding benefits of solar and more.


“I think the best advice is to be kind to yourself. It’s easy to get caught up and be your own dictator with lofty goals, but that’s part of the process,” expresses Mendoza. “I embrace that misery, pain, and suffering because I know that’s the price of admission. I always tell myself this mental or emotional battle is precisely where God wants me to be – it is a lesson we can take and grow from.“


He continues; “That’s why I need that positivity. I need that powerful, inspiring sermon, I need that for the soul. It’s not about the results. It’s not about the accolades. It’s not about the money and the income – it’s the person I become in the process.” 

Organizations like Solar Panel Guide are stepping into the future the right way and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps. Teams with positive mindsets, who believe in themselves and their product, are the way forward.

All in all, creating a string of learners with growth mindsets can result in future generations begging for positive change. So, choose your path. In the end, more specialized individuals play a massive part in helping us tackle global challenges like climate change, and solar power is just the beginning.


“My main motivator is my son. I need to set the biggest example for him,” says Mendoza. “It’s not about what I give him; it’s about what I leave behind, what I teach him – because I’m raising a young man to be an outstanding citizen for the community.”


After all, future generations need to start somewhere.


For more information on Erik Mendoza, connect with him on LinkedIn or tap into his business Solar Panel Guide to further educate your interest on the future of solar. 


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