Three Steps That Will Help You Accelerate Identity Work And Achieve Your Dreams

Entrepreneur, psychotherapist and transformational life strategist Arabelle Yee, shares insights into identity work. Here’s how having clarity of self will empower you to manifest your goals.


‘Know thyself,’ was inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at the ancient site of Delphi. For centuries, mankind has concerned themselves with the conundrum of identity: what it means, how it evolves, and the defining nature of our very being. “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken,” goes the saying. But it is not necessarily that simple.

Identity work can be a lifelong project of inner discovery and exploration. Sometimes we are not even conscious of the work that we are doing – but our soul, spirit, and mind is always being shaped, moved, and explored. Becoming intentional about doing this validating and empowering work is the key to accelerating the process – giving us opportunities to leverage and step into the highest versions of ourselves.

Arabelle Yee is a certified psychotherapist and transformational life strategist: just the person we need to help wrap our heads around Identity Work. She’s taught nearly 45,000 students + in over 110 countries how to build emotional intelligence in a way that increases wealth – that all starts with understanding the self. 

Here are Arabelle’s three steps to accelerated Identity Work.

  • Meet Your Internal Team

As stated, intention goes a long way when it comes to Identity Work. The process can begin when you are ready to sit down, reflect, and explore. You have to be ready to grow through everything this journey throws at you.

Identity is complex: there are many angles and components that combine to create your beautiful self! If we are to effectively interface with all of these elements, we need some sort of framework by which to break them down.

“I refer to my inner identities as my internal team,” Arabelle explains. “We are unconscious of them most of the time, but they are vying to be in the driving seat of your thoughts and actions.”

Arabelle continues; “It could be the abandoned child, or the visionary, or the wounded part of you that is acting from fear. We can stop to ask ourselves, ‘Who have I promoted in this internal team? Who is running the show right now and making the decisions in my life?’ This awareness is the first step in managing these disparate parts of ourselves and beginning the work of integration.”

You don’t get to choose your internal team – in fact, they all have a purpose and a place within your mind; we do, however, have the decision when it comes to which one we can put in charge of our decision-making process. 

Using this framework, self-reflect and consider who makes up your internal team. Then, think about who amongst this team continues to be given the lead.

  • Heal The Internal Team

This internal team are your companions in the journey of life. The stronger and more fulfilled they are, the faster they can propel you towards your dream and destiny in life – be it wealth, love, or happiness. 

If you have a goal – the part of your internal team that is best suited for it needs a promotion.

“You may feel you are ready to meet your soulmate and fall in love. That’s when the brave part of you needs to be called forward,” Arabelle says. 

To call a part of yourself forward, you must have to first listen to and acknowledge its needs. If the brave part of you needs healing before you can step out into your dreams – you need to take the time to give it that, or you’ll be getting in your own way.

“Healing those wounded parts gets you closer to where you want to be in life,” Arabelle affirms. 

But how can we heal a member of our internal team? 

“It will be different for everyone,” Arabelle says. “It could be journaling, exercise, shamanic journeying, yoga, meditation or travel. Simply being intentional and paying attention will shift your identity towards a positive track that can support your goals.”

  • Manifest With Clarity

Using intentional self-reflection to meet and heal your inner team brings one thing: clarity.

That’s the magic we are after when we approach identity work. When we can see the self clearly, our eyes are opened to what we have been manifesting into our lives.

When it comes to manifestation of goals, Arabelle is certain that we are born manifestors and responsible energetically for everything in our lives, good or bad. “Realising this can be freeing, because it encourages you to have clarity over what you really want,” she says. “Be absolutely clear on the specifics of what you want, then be disciplined about taking action. The latter part is the most important. Taking action, however small the steps, will set everything in motion.”

When we accept our true authority as the deciding factor on what comes into our lives – we become aware that our higher self is obtainable! Finding power in an internal team that is heard, seen, and well managed, we emerge from identity work ready to take on the world.

Having used her own philosophy of the internal team to rise above and beyond, Arabelle is now at the helm of an international multi-million dollar company that offers development courses and personal coaching to get others where they want to be. Inspiring her clients by embodying the lessons, Arabelle holds space for those who want to make a change. 

“Your million dollar self can be just around the corner,” Arabelle says. “It’s not about faking it ‘til you make it. It is a more nuanced approach. Change which identity you are operating from, promote different members of the internal team. Consider your future fully realised self and make the choices they would make.”

To connect with Arabelle Yee, follow her on Instagram or visit her website to explore courses and personal coaching. For more on the topic of identity work, dive into Arabelle’s brilliant Integrating the Millionaire Identity course.


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