TOBIAS FORGE Talks GHOST’s Meteoric Rise In 2023 & The Challenge Of Even Bigger Shows

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Remember when Ghost used to haunt intimate clubs with their occult theatrics? Turns out, they’ve traded crypts for coliseums.

Tobias Forge discussed the band’s growth in a recent interview with Metal Hammer. He revealed how Ghost‘s live show has ballooned, with venues doubling in size from their previous tours. Detroit, a city that once saw them play to 4,000 souls, witnessed the Nameless Ghouls mesmerizing a crowd of over 10,000 during their latest tour, aptly named Imperatour. It’s a devilish upgrade, and their fans are lapping it up like holy water.

“On this last tour, you can tell that something has happened,” Forge explained. “There’s a lot more kids at the show. The last time we played Detroit, we played in front of 4,000 people. This time, it was over 10,000. We’re doubling everywhere.”

But it wasn’t just about bigger rooms. Ghost opened the gates of Hell on their stage, with the trek boasting more tech wizardry and even a troupe of dancers adding extra oomph to the macabre theatrics. Think fire, fog, and enough papal bling to make the Vatican blush.

“We opened Pandora’s Box. We were adding all these other elements to the show that a lot of people – myself included – thought, ‘That would be cool to do all the time.’ Which is kind of complicated, because with something like the dancers, you’re essentially adding another team of performers. It’s another set of people who need to train and be in shape and travel and be fed.”

“There are still budgetary issues, absolutely. Every cool idea you can ever come up with is really expensive. It always costs money and money is what controls everything. You have to pick and choose,” Forge admits, acknowledging the logistical and financial challenges of these additions.

Yet somehow, Forge continues to pull it off. Ghost has gone from basement-dwelling spooksters to arena-dominating rock lords, transcending their initial niche appeal, now with a live show that’s both grandiose and intimate, theatrical and crowd-pleasing. Who knows, maybe next time they’ll bring along a fire-breathing dragon? Maybe the dragon is part of the upcoming movie. Who knows.

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