Trump All But Admits Guilt By Refusing To Answer If He Ordered Boxes Moved

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Donald Trump’s refusal to answer when asked if he ordered his staff at Mar-a-Lago to move boxes of government documents spoke volumes about his guilt.

Radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Trump if he ordered anyone to move boxes, and the former president answered, ” I’m not answering that question to you, but I’m totally covered under the law. If you read the Presidential Records Act, just read it, you take a look at it. I’m totally covered under the law. It’s a civil act. It’s civil. ”


Trump refused to answer during a radio interview when asked directly if he ordered anyone to move boxes of classified documents.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 7, 2023

It is a very simple yes or no question. If Donald Trump did not order to move boxes and he had evidence that he gave no such order, he could say no. The fact that he refused to answer the question is very revealing.

For the 3 billionth time, the Presidential Records Act has nothing to do with a former president stealing government documents. Trump is lying about the Presidential Records Act. The Presidential Records Act does not give former presidents the power to take classified documents with them when they leave. The Presidential Records Act governs the preservation and requires the turnover of presidential records to the National Archives.

Donald Trump and his administration routinely violated the Presidential Records Act while he was in office, so for the former president to claim that this same law that was regularly ignored now protects him is laughable.

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