Trump Confuses JFK Jr. And RFK Jr. In Fox News Interview

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During an interview on Fox News, Donald Trump managed to confuse the late JFK Jr. and the very much alive RFK Jr.


Trump: JFK Jr. Very Nice person. I know him very well

Baier: Robert

— Acyn (@Acyn) June 20, 2023

Trump said in a frantic voice, “And Biden, Biden, he’s got somebody at 21%, 21%. JFK Jr.”

Bret Baier interrupted, “Robert.”

Trump continued as if Baier wasn’t there, “And he’s a very nice person. I know him very well, but he’s a very fine person. I know him very well.”

Donald Trump knows RFK Jr. so well that he got him confused with his deceased cousin.

It might be time for Trump to have a cognitive test that goes a little bit deeper than the basic memory screening that the former president brags about passing. 

What’s more disturbing? The fact that Trump talks and talks and doesn’t seem to know that people are in the room or that he confuses the Kennedys.

The clip with Baier suggests that Trump is so deep into his schtick that he just motors on no matter what. It doesn’t matter who the person is. If they are a celebrity, Trump knows them very well.

The brief Fox News exchange is very revealing, and since Republicans bring Biden’s age and mental competency up daily, the same questions should be asked about Donald Trump because there is ample evidence that he is not fit for the presidency.

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