Trump Gives Democrats A Gift By Doubling Down On Presidential Immunity Scheme

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Trump spoke after he left his fraud trial and doubled down on the idea that presidents should have total immunity that covers everything, including political assassinations.

Trump was asked about his claim that presidents should have total immunity that covers political assassinations, and he answered:

You’re talking about a totally different case. The immunity. I say this, on immunity, very simple. If a President Of The United States does not have immunity, he’ll be totally ineffective because he won’t be able to do anything because it will mean he’ll be prosecuted, strongly prosecuted perhaps, as soon as he leaves office by the opposing party.

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A President Of The United States, I’m not talking just me; I’m talking about any president has to have immunity…but you have to have immunity for the president, and I think most people are seeing that. I’ve read a lot of legal reports lately and scholarly reports that are saying you really have to have a president of this country has to have immunity, or they’re not going to be able to function in office.


Trump is handing Democrats a gift by doubling down on his claim that presidents should have total immunity. His argument has provoked both horror and laughter. No other president has ever argued for total presidential immunity, but no other former president has faced 91 felony criminal counts.

The more Trump talks about unlimited immunity, the more he makes Biden’s case for him that Donald Trump wants to be a dictator who is above the law.

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats, as as long as he keeps talking, Democrats have a good chance of winning.

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