Trump Is Trying To Subpoena ‘Missing’ 1/6 Evidence That Appears Not To Exist

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Trump and his lawyers are trying to subpoena ‘missing’ 1/6 Committee evidence. The problem is that the 1/6 Committee saved all of the evidence allowable under House rules.

Hugo Lowell of The Guardian tweeted:

New: Trump’s lawyers are seeking to issue several pre-trial subpoenas for “missing” Jan. 6 committee evidence — but person w direct knowledge tells me all “official records” were preserved. Video depositions were not archived bc of restrictions posed by *House rules*

— Hugo Lowell (@hugolowell) October 11, 2023

Donald Trump is probably looking for ‘secret’ 1/6 Committee evidence that he is sure that Democrats have. During the 1/6 Committee hearings, Trump complained that the committee didn’t show all of the evidence and that he was given a defense, even though the committee made numerous offers for the former president to come in and testify.

The subpoena idea is also a likely stall tactic for Trump, who hopes to delay his federal 1/6 trial until after the 2024 presidential election.

Since Trump is viewing all of the criminal cases against him in political terms, he likely wants to find hidden evidence so that he can claim that everything is a witch hunt and boost his presidential campaign.

The 1/6 Committee carefully preserved all of its evidence and turned it over to the Department of Justice when the investigation concluded. The committee also made the evidence available to their Senate Democratic counterparts.

There is no vast conspiracy against Donald Trump, just a former president who was caught trying to overthrow the government and is now heading to trial.

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