Trump Paid $20,000 To Non-Union Shop To Hold Fake UAW Speech

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Trump spent $20,000 to hold his fake UAW speech at a non-union factory with non-union workers in Michigan.

Here is the line item in his FEC report:

Trump paid a nonunion shop in Clinton Township $20,000 to pretend he was addressing the United Auto Workers.

— Michigan GOP Watch (@MiMagaWatch) February 2, 2024

The whole setup was a fake.

After the Trump campaign announced the speech, it was revealed that Trump wasn’t going to the UAW picket line. The former president wasn’t addressing autoworkers, and he wasn’t speaking a union shop. It was all a con.

President Biden wrecked Trump’s stunt by showing up ahead of Trump and walking the picket line with UAW workers.

Trump’s speech ended up being a disaster that didn’t address any of the concerns of the auto workers, and the story concluded with the UAW endorsing President Biden for reelection.

Donald Trump could not risk meeting with actual union members, so he set up a fake event for the television cameras and had non-union workers hold up union members for Trump signs.

None of it was real, and it didn’t work. The former president didn’t fool anyone. His staged event was seen through and did not generate the media coverage that he was hoping for.

Never assume anything is real with Donald Trump. Even his address to union workers was a fraud.

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