Trump Realizes That He’s Fat After Looking At Courtroom Sketch

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After looking at the work of the courtroom sketch artist at his fraud trial, Donald Trump said that he needed to lose weight.

Reuters reported:

Inside the chamber, he appeared to be in a better mood as he viewed the work of sketch artists Jane Rosenberg and Isabelle Brourman.

“I gotta lose some weight,” Trump said after viewing Brourman’s portrait, according to the artist.

Trump is not known to lead a particularly healthy lifestyle. During his 2017-2021 presidency, his doctor encouraged him to lose up to 15 pounds by eating better and exercising.

It is almost as if Trump realized that he is fat. His lifestyle of no exercise, junk food, and Diet Coke was not a tipoff to him.

Trump’s listed weight on his White House physical when he was president was 243 lbs. Trump listed his weight when he was booked on RICO charges in Fulton County, GA as 215 lbs., which seems like wishful thinking.

Donald Trump hasn’t actually been weighed. He gets to self-report his weight.

Trump’s weight would not be a concern if he would release his medical records. The former president has refused to do what President Biden has done and inform voters about his health. Instead, Trump continues to release vague notes from his doctor, which he passes off as medical disclosure.

Yes, Donald Trump probably needs to lose weight, but it is more important that he releases his medical records.

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