Trump’s E. Jean Carroll Testimony Was A 3 Minute Disaster

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Trump demanded to testify in the second E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit, but his entire testimony lasted for 3 minutes.

Here was Trump’s testimony:

Habba: Did you deny the allegation to defend yourself?

Trump: “Yes, I did. That’s exactly right. She said something i considered a false accusation…”

Kaplan instructed to jury to disregard everything after “Yes, I did.”

— erica orden (@eorden) January 25, 2024

On cross, Robbie Kaplan asked Trump if this is the first trial w/Carroll that he has attended.

Trump. “Yes.”

On re-direct, Habba asked if Trump had counsel during that trial. Trump said yes. She asked if he listened to advice of counsel, at which point an objection was sustained

— erica orden (@eorden) January 25, 2024

Trump was on the stand for THREE minutes total.

— erica orden (@eorden) January 25, 2024

Judge Kaplan made sure that Trump could not take the stand and turn his testimony into a campaign speech by having his lawyer Alina Habba proffer his testimony. Trump has never going to be able to go off on one of his rambles because it would have been a total disaster for him. Every word that Trump says about Carroll including those he might say in court could be to calculate how much he will be required to pay in damages.

Trump is using his many trials as a platform to get attention for his presidential campaign, but the courts have not been receptive to his performance, and the three whole minutes of his testimony is unlikely to get him the cable news coverage that he craves.

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