Two Classic HALFORD Titles To Be Released On Vinyl For The First Time

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Rob Halford needs absolutely no introduction. He’s universally agreed that one of the greatest heavy metal vocalists of all-time.

While best-known as the long-time singer of Judas Priest, Halford has also launched his own successful solo career. And now, two of his classic solo efforts will be issued on vinyl for the first time ever – Crucible and Made of Metal

Both will be issued in several limited edition color variants – Crucible in the colors black (900 units), neon violet (500), ghostly purple (500), and black purple/navy splatter (100), while Made of Metal will be issued in black (900), white (500), coronetto (500), and ghostly (100). A limited number of copies of each variant will be personally signed by Rob Halford.  

“I am really proud to see these two Halford band records released on vinyl for the first time,” says Halford. “My fans will love the packaging and care that went into these re-issues.”

Two Classic HALFORD Titles To Be Released On Vinyl For The First Time

Both albums were produced by Roy Z. 2002’s Crucible spawned such headbanging favorites as “Betrayal” and the title track (and saw Halford joined by Metal Mike Chlasciak on guitar, Patrick Lachman on guitar, Ray Riendeau on bass, and Bobby Jarzombek on drums), while 2010’s Made of Metal gave us “Till the Day I Die” and “Fire and Ice” (and saw both Chlasciak and Jarzombek returning, as well as bassist Mike Davis and Roy Z providing additional guitar work).

Two Classic HALFORD Titles To Be Released On Vinyl For The First Time

With vinyl’s popularity at an all-time high, these two vintage metal masterpieces by the Metal God will undoubtedly be highly sought after by collectors – grab them from here while you can!

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