Tyler McAllister The Founder Of Fusion Power Is Simplifying Solar With In-House Excellence

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Founder and Co-Owner, Tyler McAllister, Aims To Expand His Fully Integrated Residential Solar Company, Fusion Power, From Being The #1 Solar Originator In Arizona To A Ray Over Texas

We all leave footprints as we journey through life, but the steps worth following could lead us to a life worth living. And one thing for sure is that solar power could be the light at the end of our troubling tunneling power bills.

Solar power is particularly evident on rooftops and in the desert, where utility-scale solar plants pop up.

But solar energy in America has gone from a fringe and costly technology to a practical, mainstream resource for the new generation.

One company that is striving towards making a better future is Fusion Power. The company promises to provide customers with the latest solar technology and the most efficient solar products available. With their high-efficiency solar modules, optimisers, and inverters at hand, it’s no wonder that the residential solar company is now the number one solar originator in Arizona.

Born in 2017 by founder and co-owner Tyler McAllister, the natural-born door-to-door salesman switched over to Fusion Power, specialising in sales training and marketing strategies.

This ability came naturally to McAllister, even though he considers himself an introvert. But it’s not about having ‘sparkly personalities,’ he says. “If I can connect with you as a person, I can very effectively educate them on what the opportunity is and make it black and white. If I can break their preoccupation and create intrigue and trust, my product will sell itself.”

His training grounds spanned from selling pest control in 2006 to alarm systems from 2007 -2014 in Utah. This experience gave the husband and father of four over 11 years of direct sales experience.

From sales, recruitment, manager and then being placed inside an extensive sales organisation at head office level to continuing to have repeated success, it only felt right that McAllister took the next step of growth – to have a company of his own.

Fusion Power bases itself on the idea that they offer their customers the most efficient solar products in the market, giving their clients the latest solar technology available. And the whole process is integrated with one go, from top to bottom.

They design, permit, coordinate with the utility, install and service the entire system locally. However, there is one vital message that Tyler McAllister aims to share with the world. The core values of reliance. Within the business, core values and guiding principles are embedded into each of his team members.

These trustworthy traits are the key to building effective relationships in customer service. McAllister knows perfectly well how door-to-door sales experiences can sometimes bring negative connotations to the workspace when it comes to confidence building.

After going through a pivotal time in his life when he felt like he was “a failure and a loser as a charlatan,” he describes the inner narrative as his defeated ‘poison’ after reaching out to other people who believed in him. Ones who could remind him of who he was. “It took time to help me figure myself out, which is where I think the power comes from being a part of a community or family and the unit of people that love and care for you,” McAllister recalls.

These are the fundamentals that reflect the company’s high standards.

Company leaders make sure employees feel included and responsible for their part in the company’s mission, and they strive to communicate how highly they value each team member. “We have to earn our customers’ business every day,” McAllister says. “One thing I have learned to do well is to partner with the right kind of people, surrounding myself with individuals who have strengths where I have gaps.”

Tyler McAllister hopes to educate these experiences further afield. “I think there are some misconceptions in the industry that only certain personalities or people are successful at this business, and that’s just not the case. Hopefully, I can continue to educate the masses on how to be successful.”

McAllister believes that the industries are so busy trying to hide their secrets to success that it creates a disadvantage on other industry opportunities when it comes to Fusion Power’s competitors.

Tyler McAllister explains that “we’re really in the mindset of helping everybody learn the business and share what we’ve done and learned from an installation and a sales organisation perspective. Fusion Power is all about us sharing and helping others create success and abundance.”

Businesses and industries use solar technologies to diversify their energy sources, improve efficiency, and save money. With core values on reliance and leadership, Fusion Power can ultimately give you the excellence you deserve, from start to finish.

Tyler McAllister is the founder and co-owner of Fusion Power, Arizona’s #1 solar originator. In 2019, McAllister was voted #1 D2D Con Workshop with “Closing Solar the Right Way.” For more information, check out https://www.fusionpowerco.com/.

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