VOYAGER Postpones All Touring After Their Vocalist Is Diagnosed With Cancer

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Voyager vocalist Danny Estrin has sadly been diagnosed with a form of cancer that requires immediate treatment. Voyager will play one last show on September 24 at the America’s Cup event in Fremantle, Western Australia before going on a touring hiatus as Estrin deals with his health.

We wish Estrin all the best and very much look forward to seeing Voyager getting back out there.

“Hi Everyone, Danny here,” wrote Estrin. “Last week I was dealt some life-altering news: I’ve been diagnosed with cancer that requires immediate treatment. I am absolutely devastated that we cannot perform on our forthcoming European tour, especially after this incredible Eurovision year we’ve had. I am on strict doctors’ orders to not take this lightly, put my health first and get this sorted so we can be on stage again as soon as possible.

“This has been an extremely hard decision to make, but one that everyone will hopefully understand.

“At this stage, the tour will be rescheduled to October 2024 and we’d love fans to keep hold of their tickets where possible, but we understand if you prefer to request a refund: You can do so from your point of sale.

Voyager will perform our last show for a while at this America’s Cup event in Fremantle, Western Australia this Sunday 24 September 2023, so come and party with us before I start treatment.

“In the coming weeks I will focus on my health and family and ask that everyone please respect our privacy. I truly value and appreciate everyone’s support and understanding during this time.

“I’m surrounded by my incredible bandmates and team who are navigating all things Voyager whilst I am out of action.

“Love, your fierce friend Danny!”

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