VULVODYNIA, TO THE GRAVE & VISCERA North American Tour Cancelled Due To Health & Personnel Issues

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The upcoming tour featuring Vulvodynia, To The Grave, Viscera, Osiah, and Bound In Fear has been cancelled due to a combination of a few things. To The Grave vocalist Dane Evans he been scheduled for surgery to preserve his hearing, while Viscera drummer Alex Micklewright had quit the band in mid-January and no replacement was available.

Unique Leader Records notes that the European version of the tour is still a go.

“We regret to announce we have decided to cancel the USA run ONLY of the Unique Legion tour for this year. Whilst in tour in Europe, To The Grave had some unfortunate and urgent news regarding vocalist Dane, with him requiring an operation in Australia immediately,” said Unique Leader Records in a statement. “This has rendered the band out of action for several months. Please join us in wishing Dane a super speedy recovery while the band prepare to release their new album.

“Further to this, Viscera have just had the untimely news the past week that their drummer Alex has decided to leave the band. With only 6 weeks remaining, this leaves a considerable 2 band hole in the line up – it will be an impossible task to restructure the right package in time without interfering with our artists other touring plans.

“HOWEVER- you WILL get new music from the lads in Vulvodynia, along with another USA tour announcement for them in 2023, coming VERY soon. To The Grave will return to the USA once Dane is back to full health. Bound In Fear + Osiah are both beginning work on brand new albums and will make their way to the USA as soon as possible!

“Refunds for all those who bought tickets can be obtained directly from purchase point. Please note that the European Tour meanwhile remains UNAFFECTED! Thank you all for you understanding.”

Viscera also notes that they’re looking for a new drummer, saying “unfortunately Alex has decided to leave the band. We had not expected this (especially the timing). We are now hosting open auditions for a new drummer- if you’re up to the task then post us a video of you playing ‘Sungazer’!”

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