WES BORLAND Unveils Wild New Mask During LIMP BIZKIT’s Japan Tour

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Limp Bizkit‘s enigmatic guitarist Wes Borland,has once again captured the attention of fans and music enthusiasts alike with his latest sartorial statement – an elaborate new mask that he debuted during the band’s recent tour of Japan.

Borland, known for his penchant for unconventional stage attire, has consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion and performance throughout his career. His masks, in particular, have become a signature element of his persona, serving as a visual representation of his creativity and individuality.

The new mask, unveiled during Limp Bizkit‘s performance in Tokyo, is a striking departure from Borland‘s previous creations. It appears to be crafted from a combination of materials and adorned with intricate details, and it is certainly reminiscent of a futuristic cyborg or an alien entity. Check out some photos below.

And shout out to Borland for basically doing whatever he wants with his stage apparel, all the time, without a single hesitation. You do you, man.

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