XOTH Streams New Single “Sporecraft Zero”, Announces New Album

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Seattle’s intergalactic purveyors of thrashy comic death metal have returned after four years! Xoth has announced their new record Exogalactic and is now streaming the cosmically crushing single “Sporecraft Zero”. Equal parts brutality and neck-breaking technicality (with a heaping side of memorable melodic leads), Xoth‘s upcoming album isn’t one to miss.

“The spell of the simulation is waning and in need of a reset,” said Xoth of the single. “The sentinels of the simulacrum descend upon Earth. The huge obsidian monoliths appear, imposing awe and terror upon the masses, unleashing their psychedelic swarm of cosmic fungus upon mankind while inducing mass hallucinations and rapid reconfiguration of DNA. What’s left is barely recognizable as human.”

Exogalactic was mixed by Joe Cincotta (Obituary, Suffocation, The Black Dahlia Murder) and mastered by Julian Silva (Panopticon, Intronaut). Exogalactic is out November 3. Pre-orders are available here (and here in Europe).

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