BELPHEGOR Bassist To Sit Out Future Shows Due To Health Reasons

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Belphegor bassist Serpenth, who has been with the band since 2006, will sit out future touring due to health reasons. The statement on Serpenth‘s health comes from Belphegor founder Helmuth Lehner, who notes that Serpenth is only sitting out live shows – not out of the band.

“Due to health reasons, Serpenth has to take a break from touring. He doesn’t want to make people worry about him, and therefore I respect and honor his personal space. He has always been a very private person, not seeking attention, and that’s admirable, especially in these times.

“Mr. Serpenth has marched by my side for 17 years, we played numerous tours and festivals together that took us several times around the globe, creating thousands of great memories.

“I value him not only as a skilled musician but also on a personal level, as a comrade, a very loyal partner in crime. I wish him all the best and extend a big thank you for his dedication to Belphegor all these years. I hope he can regain his health and return in the near future.”

No live replacement for Serpenth has yet been announced.

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