Hakeem Jeffries Just Slammed The Chaos And Crazy In The House GOP

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House Democratic Leader-elect Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) called out the total meltdown that is going on within the Republican Party.


Jeffries: House Republicans are attacking Senate Republicans. Marjorie Taylor Greene is fighting with Lauren Boebert and George Santos appears to be starring in the sequel to Catch Me If You Can and it’s not even January 3rd. pic.twitter.com/4aygy3pAF4

— Acyn (@Acyn) December 21, 2022

Jeffries said, “Look at what is happening right now. Look at what’s happening right now. House Republicans are attacking Senate Republicans. Senate Republicans are calling House Republicans silly and immature. The leadership situation is in chaos. Marjorie Taylor Greene is fighting with Lauren Boebert, and George Santos appears to be starring in the sequel to Catch Me If You Can, and it’s not even January 3rd. The circus has already come to town. Chaos, crisis, confusion, and craziness versus Democrats who deliver for the American people.”

House Republicans can’t agree on who will be speaker. They are attacking each other and Senate Republicans. The situation is already a dumpster fire. With only a four-seat majority, they needed to be a unified and well-oiled machine to get anything done. Instead, they are a dysfunctional mess that the vast majority of Americans will regret ever placing back into the majority.

Republicans in control of the House will be a disaster for the country because they are already revealing their incompetence and unfitness for governing.

Jeffries was right. The Republican dysfunction is a great campaign ad for returning Democrats back to the House majority ASAP.

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