Benjamin Crump’s foundation Equal Justice Now Micro-Funding Using The MyCutTV App

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On June 10th at the Marriott by LAX, Benjamin Crump will be awarding people that have shown great community service and actions that push for equal justice for all people.

Equal Justice will be using MyCutTV as one of the ways to raise money.  MyCutTV is an app that helps influencers make money and is also a platform that helps charities fundraise quickly utilizing people’s followers.
The Gala will be filled with people who have dedicated their lives to social justice, celebrities, and influencers all celebrating the accomplishments of the people being awarded for their services.  Equal Justice Now will be posting exclusive content on MyCutTV to raise money and will have people share the video to continue to raise money when the Gala is over.
The relationship with CEO of MyCutTV, Indi Wijay, and the organization began last year in Houston with the vision to raise money using new technology.  MyCutTV benefits Equal Justice Now and their followers who share the exclusive video posted by Equal Justice Now to raise money fast.  The goal is to raise money and do it quickly so that Benjamin Crump and his team can do what they do best!

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