This Award Winning Leadership Coach Says He Won’t Stop Until He Impacts Billions Of Lives

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After undergoing a personal shift, Rudi Riekstins has helped countless others experience powerful transformation through his life-altering coaching. His expertise is in high demand by individuals and businesses worldwide.

Many people spend their life searching for something only to one day realize they were looking in all the wrong places. Whether it be money or success that they believe will bring them happiness, love, or acceptance, humans tend to look outward rather than inward, and as a result, can feel empty, stuck, or at a loss. Rudi Riekstins, who is recognized today as an acclaimed leadership coach, mindful thought leader and serial entrepreneur, was one of those people who looked outward. 

He experienced strong feelings of unworthiness growing up, and it impacted the way he showed up for himself and to the rest of the world. Yet at the age of 16, Riekstins made a decision that changed the trajectory of his life, and that of many others. As the keynote speaker, author, positive mindset and business coach who demonstrates leadership at the highest level uses his personal experiences to connect with clients more profoundly. Riekstins works to unearth what has been holding his clients back, whether past traumas or deeply rooted insecurities and uses those experiences to help unlock their greatest potential.

 He believes that individuals are constantly being led to where they need to be and that every experience one has had in life adds another layer of perspective to shape them into whom they get to be next. With his unique methodology, Riekstins has transformed the lives of thousands of people worldwide and is on route to making that number reach one billion.

Riekstins is the founder of Rudi Riekstins Coaching, which offers executive leadership coaching, group transformational trainings/mentorship and companywide trainings/keynotes. He is truly a leader called upon by leaders, awarded as Top #5 Coach by Thrive Global, and Top 20 Thought Leader in 2021 by Business Insider Magazine. Above all else, he is someone you can trust because he has been in your position before. 

“My whole life has been setting me up to be in a life of absolute service,” Riekstins says. “I was born in an environment where I was very quickly and easily reminded that I didn’t have enough money, that I didn’t have enough smarts, or enough muscles. And so I had a tremendous amount of unworthiness in who I was as a person,” he shares. “I did what any unworthy person does, and overreacted in every other area to try and compensate for what wasn’t working for me,” he continues. 

But at a turning point, Riekstins realized he held a grand power to change his outlook on life, and he decided that from that point on, he was going to let go of thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that were not in service to him. Instead, he began to lead his life with impact, love and mindfulness.

Today, Riekstins coaches his clients on how to achieve the same to become the most successful person they know, instructing and inspiring them to not just survive, but to thrive in any environment, situation, or relationship. He advocates that the only way to do this is by bringing mindfulness and consciousness into every aspect of daily life.

“I look at all of my life experiences as taking up seats on a bus,” Riekstins says. “And I get to decide where I sit. Do I sit next to loneliness? Do I sit next to victimhood? Or how about insecurity and unworthiness? What if I walk up to the front and tap worthiness on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, this is my life experience and I’m going to drive my bus,’” he says.

Riekstins says that each and everyone of us deals with insecurity and moments of uncertainty at some point, but the most important thing is how quickly you can shift from being in a reactive state to stepping into your power and achieving what you came here to do. 

“Most of the people I work with are high-performing CEOs or executives of companies, and almost everyone behind closed doors will tell me they have insecurities or don’t believe they’re good enough,” he says. “It’s okay to acknowledge if you feel that way, but here’s why you feel that way, and let’s link it to where it came from so we can shift the pattern of how you view it,” he says, alluding to his ability to help individuals turn their weakness into their strength. “We can use that to become your platform instead and launch you into what you want to do, be or have next,” he says. 

Riekstins helps companies, and individuals within those companies, learn to maximize their fullest potential, foster growth, innovation, purpose, and loyalty in the workforce. His expertise is in high demand during a time where people have been increasingly searching for meaning in what they do for a living. 

Visit Rudi Riekstins’ website today to learn how you can work with him, and take the first step in transforming your business, self, and life, to achieve empowerment and lead with impact. “When we start to create a safe space to evolve our people at work, we then get to witness a shift,” he says. “When people feel seen and heard, they feel celebrated, and then they get to show up as their best selves and be proud,” he adds.

Riekstins is also the host of the InPowered Life Podcast and co-founder of the Inpower University, which is a virtual platform that educates individuals on how to tap into their personal power, align with their purpose and create ease, joy, and success in all aspects of their lives, including business.

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